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Who says I can’t be Spock?

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Now this brings true choice to life! Don’t you agree?

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Spunky only applies to the underdog, I think

Hello blogiverse. I am going to re-direct my book-reviewing soapbox for just a moment here and share some thoughts on a topic that only tangentially aligns with books. Firstly, a hat-tip to Alyssa at Think Progress for finally catalyzing me to share my spock-aspirations with y’all, in Action Princesses and Making the Hero’s Journey Available to Everyone | ThinkProgress.

Why so much emphasis on “girls need female role-models”?

Don’t get me wrong: as a female reader I’ve always enjoyed encountering a female character who carries out her/my goals with larger-than-life success. No question, that’s excellent.

But, seriously: is there a species-wide gender-restriction on aspirations? I must not have gotten the memo. “Despite” the dearth of female characters, when I was ten years old I loved watching re-runs of the original Star Trek say 1979. Gender ratios not unlike undergraduate Computer Science at…

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I’ve been reading a lot lately about marketing. It seems the best thing to do to market your book is to write another book. I’ve done this. I just have to edit it. However, now I’ve read the next book needs to be about the same characters. You know, write a series…

Augh!!!! What am I going to do now? I guess I can start on the other book and publish it while I write the other two books in the Rekasha series…

What do you think I should do?

For those of us who are not in our twenties or a size zero, I thought you may enjoy this post!

Oh! And my internet service will not be interrupted, as I previously thought!

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Fashion for the Over 30 Woman Fashion for the Over 30 Woman

Writers have a LOT of power. A LOT. Art often not only defines and reflects a society as it currently exists, but it can be a compass for the direction that culture is heading. This said, there was a blogger who sent me into the STRATOSPHERE on Saturday and had me sharpening kitchen knives. As a writer, I strongly believe in giving credit for the writing, but this is a sticky situation.

I won’t mention her name or her blog for a number of reasons.

First, she doesn’t deserve the traffic I might send her. Being a jerk shouldn’t be rewarded and bad attention is still attention. Secondly, I couldn’t trust myself not to be a troll, so I won’t subject her to comments she deserves because, since I’m older?

I’m classier than that 🙂

Since she’s simple enough to locate on Twitter, FB…

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