Facebook Friends

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think his suggestion is awesome! This would make things better on facebook!


I would like to offer a quick suggestion to the administrators of facebook.When friend requests are posted on your home page the requirements to request any of these people is that you either know them personally or have one or more mutual friends among you.That was the explanation given to me and that is how I have proceeded.Just recently upon logging in,a notification appeared from the facebook support people listing several friend requests that I had submitted with no response at all.That’s ok with me you can’t expect every request to be excepted and new friends made.But I do not expect the facebook support people telling me that I have to know these people or have mutual friends with them.So I proceeded to delete the unresponsive requests-no problem.Here is my suggestion-when a request is posted on your page which you click on this should be valid for a specific amount…

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  1. Thank You very much for your comment Jen.To be honest when I first decided to post this,I was unsure if some of my friends would feel that I was complaining.Oh well,it’s early in the morning when I think to much-I will be posting later in the day.Bye and thanks.


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