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Posted: May 26, 2015 in Writing
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This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all!

This is Chris Andrews Image and I have no rights to it at all!

Okay, here’s the update on my adventures with using The Easiest-Ever Guide to Outlining by Chris Andrews.  I have done the next part… I will continue this and keep you updated as I progress through it! I’m actually having a bit of fun doing this… I may have to use this from now on!

Telandria Moonbright, an elven sorceress, wants to raise a family, but her previous life as the leader of a famous group of dragon slayers has ramifications she is unaware of.

Set up

Adventure begins

Things get serious


Sequence 1 How Telandria finds out dragons are not extinct

  • Telandria is meeting her boyfriend in front of her home, on her way there she is mugged by four thugs.

    • She uses her magic, but it doesn’t work on them.

  • Melnore jumps out of a carriage and takes on the muggers.

    • They normally would succumb to his physical strength and fear factor, but not these guys.

  • The muggers turn into dragons.

    • Melnore follows suit

  • The fight goes airborne

    • When the fight is over, Melnore lands in front of Telandria’s house

  • Telandria demands he change back into an elf

    • She slaps him and yells at him for lying to her all this time.

Sequence 3 Telandria learns a great deal about dragons while trying to recruit help in the war between dragons and humanoids

  • She learns there are a lot of dragons hiding among the population

    • She learns about them having to go into hiding because of dragon hunters

  • She learns there is a war between the dragons

    • Some are for humanoids and some are against humanoids

  • She learns of her past life

    • She learns she was part of the group responsible for killing the most dragons

  • She talks with her most trusted friends about the war

    • At first they don’t believe her

  • She recruits several people to help the dragons trying to protect humanoids

    • She asks Melmore, her boyfriend, to show them his true form

Sequence 5 A group of humanoid slayers kidnap Telandria

  • Telandria is organizing meetings for those willing to help in the war

    • She is often out late at night

  • A group of thugs try to mug her

    • Melnore hires guards for her

  • She moves in with her boyfriend

    • She has access to all that he has, except his basement

  • She becomes very curious about the basement

    • She goes to the basement when he isn’t home

    • She finds his horde

    • he catches her down there

    • She thought he had something interesting, like books down there

  • Frustrated she goes for a walk

    • She is kidnapped

    • Melnore can’t find her

    • A ransom note is delivered to Melnore

Sequence 7 Her boyfriend mus gather the recruits to rescue her

  • When the recruits arrive for the weekly meeting, Melnore tells him what happened

    • Half want to take the chance and pay the ransom

    • Half want to rescue her and keep their money

  • They decide to pay the ransom as a ruse for finding out where Telandria is being kept

  • Melnore takes the ransom in a carriage and walks away

    • There is a spell on the carriage that allows them to follow it an hour later

  • They follow the carriage

    • It’s outside of Oron

  • They rescue Telandria

    • Half their members die

    • They take possession of the house and treasure inside

Sequence 2 How Telandria meets the Dragon Queen

Sequence 4 Telandria escapes the Dragon Queen

Sequence 6 Telandria escapes Dragon Mountain

Sequence 8 Telandria kills the Dragon Queen

This is what my outline looks like right now, but I’m thinking I may need to add some stuff to the middle to make it more exciting… Anyway…

Have you used this outline? Why or why not? Wow! That sounded like a test question, didn’t it? Okay, so give me your thoughts on this outline and how my story is looking, please.

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