Dragon Naturally Speaking (a.k.a.: DNS)

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Writing
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You have to weather the storm to find the silver lining.

You have to weather the storm to find the silver lining.

Guess what? That’s right! I’m the proud owner of dragon Naturally Speaking (a.k.a.: DNS). Have I already told you this? If I have, I’m sorry to repeat myself, but this is such a cool software!

Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation

That’s right folks, it does to dictation. I know, right? It’s a speech to text software and, amazingly enough, it does it! Okay, enough of the drama. I am excited about it and it does to dictation. However, it’s a bit like a dog. Now, hold on. Before you go getting all excited, let me explain.

You get a dog. It doesn’t matter where you get the dog from or how you bring it home. You have a new dog. It may, or may not be, house trained. Either way, you and the dog have to train each other. That’s right, I said train each other. You have to teach the dog to let you know when it needs outside, but the dog has to train you to pay attention to when it needs outside. It’s the same way with DNS. You have to train it how you talk and it has to train you how it understands.

One more thing about DNS. You do have to read as you write to make sure that it puts the right word, with the right spelling, in the right place. I guess there’s just no replacing a human being. Well, at least not yet…

Dragon Naturally Speaking Email

Yeah, it does email. I’m still learning how that works, exactly. However, I’ve learned a thing or two about it. It will write the email for you. I just don’t have down all the commands on what to do where to go. Watch out when I do get those down though! I’ll be in email writing fool.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Internet

Who could live without the Internet? Well, not literally. Since I stay home and take care of mama (so that’s how you spell it…), my computer is where I work and play. I, also, have carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists from typing so much. Therefore, typing can get really painful. For the first time in years, my wrists don’t hurt.

Back to the Internet, I can use DNS to surf the Internet. Researching a blog post, an article, or a particular thing for my fantasy writing. I have found it to be extremely useful while searching the Internet for this random piece of information or that one.

This may have sounded a lot like a commercial for Dragon naturally speaking. I can assure you, they have no idea I’m writing this. I think anyone who writes a lot, be it books or not, would benefit from this software. Just so you know, mine was a gift and was bought on eBay.


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